About Me

Born with a love of nature, learning, understanding and expression, Kirsten is a self-taught artist creating in photography, painting and mixed media.  A lifelong career training horses, their humans and tending to the land taught her observation, appreciation of essence, communication and stewardship.  These both inform and are often central subjects of her art.  The current environmental policy changes drove her on a deep artistic dive into the beauty of our nation’s public lands, the current threats, and our roles and responsibilities throughout history into today.  She lives and works in wild, wonderful West Virginia, where she begins by losing herself in a place, a creature, a possibility, asking and answering artistic, technical and creative questions in the moment.  Her most recent exploration involves a perspective shattered by climate change: her world photographed through the ice broken off of a watering trough in a polar vortex.  Post-processing is the minimum. When surprises emerge, she delights and follows where they may lead